Country Overviews of Copyright Flexibilities


PIJIP’s overview on copyright flexibilities in select countries consists of two parts.   The first is a questionnaire on copyright flexibilities and the current political context of copyright provided experts who attended a meeting on Limitations and Exceptions to Copyright hosted by PIJIP and the University of Amsterdam Institute for Information Law last December.  PIJIP fellows researched the underlying law and added citation. The authors then reviewed the additions before this document was uploaded.  The second part of each overview is a bulleted summary of limitations and exceptions in the nations’ copyright laws compiled by PIJIP fellow and Colombian attorney Marcela Palacio Puerta.

The compilation is part of a larger project to map flexibilities in copyright law, and input is appreciated. Please send comments, corrections, or suggestions to


To date, we have received permission to post fourt of the participants’ questionnaires in the series.

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